Every website is different. The cost of a website depends on how many pages are required, how much content needs to be created, how many plugins need to be added, does graphic design work need to be done, do we need professional photos taken and so on and so on. But please don’t be disheartened. Most businesses already have most of this ready to go – they just don’t realise it.

There are a few start up costs that aren’t negotiable thought, and we will need to purchase them for you before we start your website build, they are;

  • Your domain name (or URL), for example, ours is www.digitalgetup.com.au. This is usually $10-$20 per year and prices drop if you purchase for more than 1 year. There are always specials on domain names too!
  • Website hosting, a special sort of computer (called a server) that stores and allows your website to be viewed online. This usually costs about $90 for a year and again, the price drops if you purchase for a longer period of time.
  • An SSL certificate (the https secure site padlock at the top left of the URL on your screen), this little sucker ensures your websites visitor’s privacy is protected while they are on your site – Google now requires this to make sure your website doesn’t upset their searchers. This costs around $60-70 a year.

Our price estimates for the above are based on our favourite website host provider – Crazy Domains. Crazy Domains are reliable and have an amazing support team that ACTUALLY respond to you in an instant if you ever encounter a roadblock or have a question. They get our vote!