What does Pay Per Click mean?

Pay Per Click is a form of digital marketing. It is a term used to describe a business paying another website (or search engine) to advertise their business. They then pay the business that is hosting their advertisement for each click that their advertisement receives, and of course, the advertisement links through to their own [...]

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How much money should I spend on Google Advertising?

Depending on the industry you are in, can determine the amount each click will cost you. This can be a big decider for your overall spend. There is no way to determine click cost or ideal budget without knowing more about your business. But what we can tell you, is that each click tends to [...]

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How do I pick my keywords?

Whilst you are setting up your Google Advertising, Google will provide you with a list of keywords after scouring your website for common terms. However, you can also choose your own. This is important as Google doesn't know your business as well as you do - so you need to control your client search results.

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