What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the optimisation of a website so that it appears higher on a Google, Yahoo or Bing search.


Why does your website need SEO?

Google makes changes to their algorithm on a daily basis. They also make several large changes to their algorithm every couple of months on average. 

This means that something that might have been important may no longer be and vice versa. Therefore, it is best practice to stay up-to-date and on top of these new algorithms to ensure you don’t lose your hard earned rankings.

The graph below shows an example of a customer who used SEO for some time and then stopped and re-started. You can see that when they stopped from January 2017 to May 2017 their rankings dropped. Once they started their SEO again they began to see the consistent growth that has since become stable again.

Example Of Starting & Stopping SEO


Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide

How do you track Search Engine Optimisation results?

When it comes to tracking search engine optimisation or SEO. There are several ways that we like to track SEO:

  • Firstly tracking the movement in live searches on Google
  • Using external sites such as SEM Rush and the Google Search Console to track movement in the total number of keywords and ranking. Much like the graph above.
  • Using Google Analytics. If you are now appearing higher on Google searches you will see an increasing amount of traffic to your website. Which you can track in Google analytics. 


Would you like a quote for getting Search Engine Optimisation?

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