Website Build For Tokhi Driving Solutions

Tokhi Driving Solutions is a new business in Adelaide which started operating in June of 2020. Arjun from Tokhi Driving Solutions was referred to me by Allan Miller Transport Training who I have been working with for over 8 years. 

Arjun was starting the business due to Allan Miller Transport training no longer providing truck training licenses & courses in Adelaide. So we needed to build a new website fast. We had the new website up and running within a week.

The website’s main focus is to promote LR truck licenses, MR truck licenses & HR truck licenses in Adelaide.

Which both Arjun & I feel we have accomplished, with its simple design & straight forward nature.

We have started SEO work on the website and have already seen a great result in Google rankings.  The screenshot below shows just the changes that have occurred in September.

We are working on hundreds of keywords but we are specifically monitoring 20 of the highest searched keywords.

Out of these 20 keywords we have had a total of 251 positive changes in their rankings on google. With some moving up a few spots and others moving up 50 spots on Google.

Page 1 here we come.